RT5 Workout Guide

Solid form + Good technique = Great results


All of the exercises in this training programme come with a set of instructions which tell you the best way to perform them. To get the most out of your training it’s essential to adhere to these instructions. This will ensure that you safely gain the full benefits of this course.

The four points below are paramount to keeping you on track and injury free; 

1 – Technique 

Technique is the way you perform an exercise in order to target specific muscle groups. For example, doing a press up with a close grip or wide grip are types of techniques used to target different muscles in your chest.

2 – Form

Form is all about injury prevention. An example of good form would be not letting your knees collapse inwards when performing a squatting movement. Without the proper technique, your results won’t be as good as they could be. Having improper form can have negative effects on your body and leave you further away from your fitness goal.

3 – Injury

Maybe the most detrimental effect of improper technique is an increased risk of injury. Injuries can result from extra strain placed on the body from using muscle groups that you were not intending to use. While you might think that doing more reps will give you better or faster results, doing so with improper technique and form actually increases the risk of injury. On the contrary, fewer reps with proper form can help you see results.

4 – Poor Results

The harder we work, the faster we expect to see results. However, just because you work hard and stay in the gym for hours doesn’t mean you will see results. If you have an hour to spend at the gym, using proper form will produce better results than poor form. Using correct form gives you strength without the strain.

Progressing through this training programme at a slower pace, but with great form and technique will always produce better results than trying to move faster than you are ready for. Health and fitness is a game for life, there is no need to rush. Build a solid foundation and achieving the results you want will be so much easier.

Please refer to the demonstration videos in this section as often as you need until you are completely happy with how an exercise is performed. If you need any extra help, or if something does not make sense please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lessons in this course: