Find Your Level


Complete this assessment periodically to determine what level to use during your training sessions. The test uses consecutive Push-Ups in brackets of 10 to relate to your current level. In order to complete this assessment correctly repetitions must be done in time with the Coach on the video, each repetition is also communicated using an audible beep at the top of each Push-Up. At the end of each block of 10 three audible beeps will sound to show you have completed a round.

There are three levels within this assessment, each level will be signified with 3 consecutive audible beeps at 10 repetition intervals (11th and 21st repetition).

On hearing the level change please continue without rest to determine your level.

The brackets for each level are as follows;

Level 1 = 0 – 10 reps
Level 2 = 11 – 20 reps
Level 3 = 21 – 30 reps

If you need to rest or are unable to keep in time with the coach please stop and record your score. Please adhere to this guidance as this will help to determine what level you should be following in the 10 week course training sessions.


Lessons in this course: