How To Use This Course

Before You Start

Please ensure that you are injury free and in good health before undertaking this exercise programme. If you have any doubts please seek the clearance of a physician or qualified medical professional to determine if you are able to participate in this exercise programme. Please make sure you have enough room around you to exercise and remove any objects that could cause injury to yourself or others. If for any reason you feel unwell during a session please stop and take the appropriate steps required to maintain good health. Form is paramount when participating in the RT5 course and overall programme – please always make sure to work at a level that is appropriate to your current fitness level whilst providing yourself with a challenge. For guidance and assistance always check in with one of The Natural Edge Coaches who can advise accordingly.

Lets Go!

Before you start training please read the following articles these can also be found under the “Guide” tab:

These will help you get into the right mindset and show you how to get the most out of your training.

The Natural Edge RT5 Course initially follows a 10 week programme, with each week covering a set of workouts and mobility drills. It has been carefully designed so that it is very progressive in nature in order to build a solid foundation. Stick with it and by the end of the 10 weeks you will have come a long way and will be able to step into the more challenging “Unlimited” section.

How your week looks

The course comprises 5 weekly sessions all designed to be effective and time efficient. You will be following a Full Body x 3 / Active Rest x 2 split allowing enough time to pursue other activities if you choose to do so.

Monday: Full Body – Endurance Session

Tuesday: Active Rest

Wed: Full Body – Strength Session 

Thur: Active Rest

Friday: Full Body – Conditioning Session

Saturday: Rest or Optional Sport / Activity 

Sunday: Rest

Session outline

The course focuses on mobility, functional strength training and Conditioning. Each session follows a structured approach as is broken down into phases. 

Phase 1: Prehab and mobility to prepare the body for the session ahead (zone 1).

Phase 2 / Phase 3: Strength. Build muscle and improve joint durability (zones 3-4) /  Conditioning. Set Intervals with prescribed rest to improve CV fitness (zones 4-5).

Phase 4: Developmental and recover. Relieve Eccentric stress and start the recovery process (zone 1).
Upon completion of phase 3 : METCON. Allow your HR to gradually resume down to zone 1 and near resting. This can take some time and is all individual. Allowing the lowering of your HR will enable safe and effective phase 4 recovery.

You can perform these workouts in the comfort of your own home, outdoors or a gym space. This course utilises bodyweight only exercises for the initial course and home equipment is added on completion of the 10 weeks. This course has been designed to provide all you need to get in great shape. Rest assured, by following this course you are likely to see improvements in performance, energy, health and body composition. 

What you will need for this course

  • An exercise or yoga mat
  • A chair or bench

Course Terminologies

So you understand clearly what the modalities for the sessions mean below is a list of the abbreviations and meanings.

EMOM: Every Minute on the minute: Perform the exercises prescribed on each minute. Once completed rest the remainder of the minute and repeat. The quicker you perform the exercises the more rest you have. 

L/R: dictates how many Repetitions you perform on each side. Example: 10 x L/R means 10 repetitions on both left and right arm/leg.

E2MOM: Every 2 minutes on the minute: The 2 is just the unit of measure that denotes how long you have to complete the exercises. Every 2 minutes you repeat the exercises exactly the same as EMOM. 

TEMPO: The speed of the exercise. Broken down into 4 phases. The lowering, the bottom position, the upward phase and the top position. Commonly throughout the course it will just be the up and down tempo, unless stipulated.The denoted speed dictates the time under tension of each rep

AMRAP: As many rounds as possible: Complete as many sets and reps of the exercises within a given time frame set out. 

TRI-SET: 3 exercises in a row with no rest 

DESCENDING LADDER: Moving down in repetitions so as you start to tire the demand is relative to the rep scheme 

RFT: Rounds for time: Complete the designated sets and reps without a time restriction. It takes you however long it takes you but the quicker you can perform the total amount of reps, is a sign of your strength endurance improving. 

ISO HOLD: When you see Iso hold after an exercise this is prescribed to create an additional overload in the movement. Iso means isometric whereby you hold a position in the exercise where your muscles and joints are under peak load. Example: Ring row: You would hold for the stipulated time in the top position of the pull phase.

Enjoy the challenge and prepare for great results. Good luck

Lessons in this course: