What Next?

So you’ve completed RT5? What next?

Regardless of what level you have been following throughout the course you will have undoubtedly found it challenging to some degree. The mix of Endurance, Strength and Conditioning elements are designed to seek out your weaknesses so you are aware and therefore able to improve these.

The first stage in any process is awareness, what you have cultivated during this process is a greater awareness of your body and your ever developing capabilities. With this in mind;

1 – Is there room for improvement to your; form, repetitions or complexity of movement?
2 – Could you increase the level to challenge you that but further?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions we suggest either; going back to the start and repeating the course at a harder level OR from week 4. 

If you have answered no to the above questions and have hit LEVEL 3 for at least the last 3 weeks you are ready to progress onto RT5 UNLOCKED (coming soon).